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Welcome to n Demand Gaming Headquarters (nDG):

Our motto is: Surround yourself with those who are on the same mission as you

Here we are looking for hardcore gamers with a competitive drive and the willingness to be a team player. Where respect, loyalty, and winning is what nDG revolves around. We also want all who joins the movement to have the same drive. Our primary console right now is Xbox 360 and the game is Call of Duty Ghosts. As cWg grows we will continue to expend our playlist of games and consoles. We accept all races/nationalities and we do not tolerate any racism to any race. Our minimum age restriction is 16 years of age. We do ask that you have a 1.2k/d (kill death ratio). My gamertag is nDG ReLeVant1 and our clan wars account is n Demand Gaming, and you can also follow on twitter @nDGReLeVant1. So you can message me on either if interested in joining on the game as while. Our motto is Losing is not an Option. We want to thank everyone for visiting the cWg headquarters, but make sure you stay tuned and register. So you all can keep up with the growth of the movement with, the game battles, forum topics, events and the whole nDG experience.

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